Waterjetting Equipment

We have an OMAX Model 2652 and a Maxiem model 1530 waterjet cutter, and a Minijet Nozzle. This waterjetting equipment allows us to cut virtually any material and any thickness accurately and precisely. Since no heat is produced with a waterjet, even materials with low melting points can be cut leaving a smooth sanded edge finish. A short list of materials we can cut:  all types of metal and metal alloys, wood, glass, all stone material, porcelain, ceramics, plastics and rubber products.

With our Precision optical locater we can secondary machine parts. The Precision Optical Locator (POL) facilitates precision Jet Machining of pre-machined components, such as die stripper plates. The POL allows us to  accurately place parts on the OMAX for secondary machining operations. We can place the parts in any orientation, and the software will automatically rotate the tool path to match the placement of the part.

Omax waterjet minijet allows cutting of small, precise shapes out of thin exotic materialsOur  minijet allows us to make very small and precise parts. The Minijet acquires finer precision cutting capability with a 0.007" orifice and a 0.015" mixing tube combination. It allows for expansion by adding multiple jets, giving a distinct cutting advantage without extra horsepower. Forming a jet stream carrying finer abrasive, the 7/15 Mini MAXJET 5 Nozzle can produce a kerf as small as 0.015". This makes it ideal for intricate patterns or parts cut on thin, exotic materials, such as gold.

OMAX Model 2652 waterjet cutterMaxiem 1530 Waterjet cutter