Abrasive Waterjet can cut near-net or final shapes, including holes, out of any material, any thickness, without creating a heat affected zone (haz). Standard tolerances are ± 0.005 inch for thickness up to two inches. Tighter tolerances of ± 0.002 or better are achievable. The cut is smooth, with no burr or slag. Our cutting envelope is 62 " x 122" x  8". By lowering the table we can cut thicker material.

Materials that can be cut include: We can cut any 2D design in sheet material. The cutting process uses a PC based motion control system . We can work from your computer file, a drawing or a sketch. Preferred format is a .dxf file of the part only, accompanied by a dimensioned drawing (please see our file specifications). Any size job is welcome, from one piece to thousands.