About Opus Sectile

opus sectile cut stone mosaicsOpus Sectile is a waterjetting company capable of cutting almost any shape in to almost any material. We specialize in the creation of one-of-a-kind original mosaic art in stone. Our company motto is, "If you can picture it, we can make it". Custom mosaics, once only available to wealthy connosieurs, are gaining increasing popularity with the general public. No longer seen only in churches and and other houses of worship, the mosaic is becoming more and more popular with the discriminating homeowner or business buyer.

The style of mosaic that we offer is called Opus Sectile, or cut artwork. Opus Sectile is an art form that was not widely practiced after the 7th century, because it was extremely labor intensive. Modern water-jetting technology now allows extremely detailed art work to be created in just a fraction of the time.

Mosaics are installed in homes, offices, restaurants and hotels, on side walks and in shower stalls, on back splashes, counter tops, as door frames, ceiling borders, fireplace wrap arounds... the list is growing with no end in sight.

The present has now caught up with the past. Today this type of art work can be produced in an efficient manner that allows us to go from customer concept to drawing to finished product in a matter of days vs. months in a conventional setting. The 6 to 10 month lead times are now a thing of the past.